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Dakota Medical Foundation Announces the Purchase of a 90,000-square-foot Campus to Serve as a Gift to Community and Area Non-profits to Improve Health.

Thursday, March 21st, 2024 • 7:48 PM

Nate Mickelberg

DMF Announces Purchase of 90,000-Square-Foot Campus
to Serve as Gift to Community


FARGO – Dakota Medical Foundation is excited to announce that in April, it will be moving into its new
headquarters at 4321 20th Ave. S. in Fargo. The approximately 90,000-square-foot campus, which will be
known as the DMF Center of Excellence, is expected to open to the public in early 2025 at the latest —
following the completion of a series of reconstruction projects.

Dakota Medical Foundation and its community spaces will occupy approximately half the square footage
while cost-sharing the other half with regional nonprofits. The advantages of this will run in both directions, as
both DMF and its charity partners will benefit from operating alongside, learning from, and supporting one
another on a daily basis.

From 2013-2024, more than 1,400 organizations and 100,000-plus people have used DMF’s current facility
for a variety of charitable purposes. Due to ever-increasing demand, the Foundation determined it was time to
expand its ability to serve and bring together significantly more people and organizations. DMF sees the
campus as an enduring gift to the community and will design it to become a regional destination where people
gather to develop healthy life habits, build high-performing organizations, and access meaningful learning

The Center of Excellence will open at a time when many people in our community need companionship more
than ever. According to a recent study, nearly half of Americans report feelings of loneliness. One of the goals
of the Center is to bring together people from all walks of life and encourage them to unplug from their
devices and rediscover the importance of fellowship in daily life. A truly inclusive space where people are
welcomed and supported is important not just for the prosperity of individuals but also for the organizations
that are working to make our community as healthy as it can be.

The campus continues to be informed by input from numerous charities, businesses, and volunteers. DMF
has spent the last several years assessing different locations, designs, and amenities that would best serve
the people of our region. The facility will be used to host in-person and virtual events, community learning
opportunities, and health initiatives and will also serve as the home of Impact Foundation, the Alex Stern
Family Foundation, Giving Hearts Day, Lend A Hand Up, a first-of-its-kind boards institute, and the brand-new
Leading with Light leadership program.

The ultimate vision is that the space encourages and inspires people of North Dakota and northwest
Minnesota to pursue big dreams and work together to achieve them. For follow-up stories, please contact
DMF Communications Director Nate Mickelberg at 701-212-0779.



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