Child Sexual abuse prevention

Three ways you can help today:

1.  Sign the pledge to protect kids.
2.  Watch the video below.
3.  Share this page with three other adults.

Sign the Pledge

Taking the “Stand to Protect” pledge is your first step to protecting a child in your community. Provide your name and email, and we’ll send you regular communications on preventing child sexual abuse and ways you can continue to help.

Program Description

Child sexual abuse is a silent epidemic. One in 10 kids will be sexually abused by the time they turn 18, with one in five girls being affected. The effects of this abuse are devastating and long-lasting, accounting for a significant amount of adult depression, anxiety, and even suicide. Because most kids who are abused don’t come forward, it’s essential for caring adults in our communities to know the signs of abuse and grooming.

By learning the signs and pledging to advocate for our children, we can eliminate the conditions for child sexual abuse to occur in the first place. Every child is at risk, which is why each and every adult must learn to protect. A special thanks goes out to the following people for their important role in the creation of the DMF Child Sexual Abuse Prevention curriculum: Chip Ammerman, Tara Andresen, Jennifer Boub, Leslie Brunette, Anna Frissell, Dr. Nicola Herting, Lisa Klabunde, Jessica Offerman, Rhonda Porter, Tami Rust, Pat Traynor, and Dr. Steve Wonderlich.


If you need to report child sexual abuse or have concerns, below is a list of local contacts and resources. In the event of an emergency or when a child’s safety is an immediate concern, call 911 or go immediately to the nearest emergency room or medical facility.

Reporting Child Sexual Abuse (Cass and Clay Counties)
Social Services – Cass County, ND……701-241-5675
Social Services – Clay County, MN……218-299-5200

Trauma Resources (North Dakota)
PATH Trauma and Stress Clinic………………..701-551-6301
Rape and Abuse Crisis Center…………….…..701- 293-7273
Red River Children’s Advocacy Center……..701-234-4580
Sanford Children’s Behavioral Health……….701-234-4141
Solutions Behavioral Healthcare ……………..701-412-2973
The Village Family Service Center …………..701-451-4900

Schedule an In-Person Training with DMF (Fargo metro)
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