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Empowering people to be the most generouspurpose-driven souls on this planet.

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How we help

These initiatives were developed alongside community partners
to foster widespread health improvement.

We know you have the heart.
That's why we give you the day.

Since 2008, thousands of generous people like you have donated nearly $165 million on this exciting give-a-thon day!

about Giving Hearts Day

Each year, Giving Hearts Day is the second Thursday of February and is one of the longest-running and most successful giving days in the United States.

Since 2008, thousands of generous people like you have donated nearly $165 million and pledged valuable volunteer hours and goods to charities on this exciting give-a-thon day!

100% of the money raised goes directly to participating charities. 

Businesses, individuals, families, and schools can get involved.

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Giving Hearts Day


Build Bold Dreams into
Extraordinary Impact

Teaching charities to lead, function, and serve others better so they can make a bigger impact.

about the Impact Foundation

Impact Foundation is based in Fargo and was formed in 2004 in response to a need for North Dakota and northwest Minnesota charities to improve their capabilities to impact health and quality of life in the region.

Along with Dakota Medical Foundation and the Alex Stern Family Foundation, Impact is a co-host of Giving Hearts Day, the longest-running giving day in the United States. Since its inception in 2008, GHD has served as a platform for charities to raise more than $165 million through generous souls nationwide.

The training arm of Giving Hearts Day, the Impact Foundation, helps Giving Hearts Day charities and leaders grow through coaching, resources, and networking opportunities. Impact’s ultimate goal is to help individuals and organizations unlock their potential to serve.

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ND Impact Foundation logo

J. Patrick Traynor training a charities leadership

Lending a hand to
raise up help and hope.

Helping caring community members raise financial help for friends and neighbors in medical crisis.

about Lend A Hand Up

Lend A Hand Up was created in 2007:

  • offering unique tools and funding to increase the help for local families in medical crisis
  • to help caring community members raise financial help for friends and neighbors in medical crisis
  • to inspire and enhance the success of volunteer-led fundraisers for families in medical crisis.

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Lend A Hand Up logo

Knowledge is power.
Get the power to protect.

Learn the signs to identify abusers by their behavior and how to protect children from sexual abuse.

about Learning the Signs

You can’t outwardly “see” a sexual abuser and neither can your child. Yet there are signs in the typical behaviors of abusers. You can become wiser, prevent risk through mindful supervision and stand to protect children. 

Click the image below to learn more and get involved

4 out of 5 children who are sexually abused don't tell anyone

Illuminating significant health challenges
and ways to solve them.

Each year, we ask others about health and wellbeing issues and develop tools & resources through collaboration.

about Health & Wellbeing

Through targeted surveys, annual summits, and the Lend a Hand Up initiative, we illuminate the region’s most pressing health concerns and present a clear, impact-oriented path through tools and training.

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Lighthouse beacon with health and hope quote

Your charitable fund turns money
into mission & meaning.

Leave a legacy and turn money into meaning with a grassroots or family foundation through DMF.

about Donor Charitable Funds

If you’ve ever thought about establishing a foundation or charity, but the hassle of paperwork, accounting details, and tax reporting stopped you in your tracks,
you may be interested in a charitable fund through Dakota Medical Foundation.

We establish charitable funds, often called family foundations or endowment funds, for individuals, families, businesses, and community groups working to impact our region’s health and quality of life.

Click the logo below to visit learn more about getting started

DMF Donor Fulfillment & Funds

North Dakota Dental Foundation

Existing to promote oral health and
access to dental care for all.

Addressing the issues that prevent access to dental care and helping those who can't afford care.

about the ND Dental Foundation

The North Dakota Dental Foundation began with the belief that dentists are well-positioned to address issues that prevent people from getting dental care and are deeply committed to helping those who can’t afford care.

Visit the Foundation website by clicking the logo below

North Dakota Dental Foundation

Through dentist charitable outreach programs, such as Bright Futures in Dentistry, Dental Rental, Kids Without Cavities, Mission of Mercy, and 1 Million Brushes, people have access to low-cost dental care and improve their oral health.

Bright Futures in Dentistry logo

Dental Rental program logoKids Without Cavities logo

Mission of Mercy North Dakota logo

1 Million Brushes logo

Many kids have vision problems
and nobody knows.

Eliminating vision problems in children so they can see and embrace all opportunities.

about the Optometric Foundation

Did you know?

  • 80% of a child’s learning ability relies on vision.
  • 1 in 4 kids starting Kindergarten have vision problems.
  • Vision problems affect 70% of juvenile delinquents.

The problem is, many kids don’t have the opportunity to get an eye exam. With your support, we can increase these opportunities, diagnose and treat their vision problems, and improve their futures.

Click on the logo below to visit the Optometric Foundation of North Dakota’s website

smiling girl in eyeglasses

Foundational Partners

ND Impact Foundation logo

Partners leading and supporting initiatives to improve health and quality of life

Working with and through people like you, Dakota Medical Foundation leads community-centered initiatives and programs, builds the fundraising success of charities, and invests in new ideas that create widespread health improvement.

Since 1996, DMF has invested over $100 million to operate initiatives and expand the impact of over 500 organizations in North Dakota and northwest Minnesota.

In 2004, Dakota Medical Foundation and the Alex Stern Family Foundation formed the Impact Foundation to help charities become exceptional fundraisers and ensure long-term sustainability. The Impact Institute builds the capacity of nonprofits through an annual pathway of resources, training, and tools.

With Impact Foundation and the Alex Stern Family Foundation, DMF hosts the annual 24-hour Giving Hearts Day. Since this first giving day in 2008, generous people have given $165 million, 100% of which goes directly to participating charities.

Connecting people and their life experiences

to opportunities that improve the health of others

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