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Establish a fund at Dakota Medical Foundation
for your charitable giving

If you’ve ever thought about establishing a foundation or charity, but the hassle of paperwork, accounting details, and tax reporting stopped you in your tracks, you may be interested in a charitable fund through Dakota Medical Foundation.

We establish charitable funds for individuals, families, businesses, and community groups working to impact health and quality of life in our region.

How It Works 

1. Submit a Request

Click CONTACT US to complete the form or call us at 701-271-0263.

2. Connect with DMF Staff 

Upon receiving your call or message, a DMF staff member will connect with you via phone or email message. 

3. Get a Personalized Plan

A DMF staff member will visit with you to understand your goals and vision for a potential fund and guide you in your next steps.

The Benefits

Save Time

Without burdensome paperwork, your time is free to connect with the people and causes you support.

less paperwork

DMF maintains detailed records, distributes funds, and prepares annual IRS reporting documents.


Access the data DMF gathers and publishes regarding giving, health needs, and access to healthcare in the region.

Tax Benefits

Charitable and endowment funds can be set-up with tax deductions + other tax benefits.


Be heard and set a plan reflecting your dreams of doing good and not limited by those set by an organization.


Work with DMF support staff to establish and promote your fund for growth.


You benefit from our close collaboration and understanding of the region’s many charities and health needs.

inspire giving

Like-minded others are able to contribute to your fund on Giving Hearts Day and anytime throughout the year.

For more information about starting a DMF charitable or endowment fund, please contact Emily Jones, Development Director.

Inspired to improve a specific health need or conquer a crisis?

Let us help you leave a legacy and transform money into meaning.

If you yearn to do more because you have been personally affected by a health crisis or loss due to disease or addiction, this may be for you as well.

We give you permission to find purpose in your pain.
Plant your pain or loss into a promise of health and hope.

You can make a difference in these areas of health and more
with your own charitable fund through DMF.

Improving and saving lives
in a personal way

For further questions, please call or email Emily Jones, Community Engagement Manager.

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