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Member Spotlight: Eric Monson

This month, we’re getting to know Eric Monson, DMF Treasurer. 

  • Occupation: Project Consultant
  • Hometown: Fargo
  • Education: University of North Dakota (BS) & University of Mary (MBA)
  • DMF Role(s): Board Member 
  • Hobbies: Cooking, reading, small container gardening
  • Favorite Food: Mediterranean style  
  • Coffee Order: Latte w/o adornments 
  • Favorite Travel Spot: Wisconsin  
  • Words to Live By: To have friends when you have not always been friendly, to feel kindness when you have not always been kind and to have love when you have not been loveable.

How did you get involved with DMF?
Pat Traynor and I met in approximately 2003-2004 and found that we shared a passion for the nonprofit sector because of the impact that the missions of so many organizations could have in the world. We had a common thought that NFP entities could benefit from organized support including, at that time, planning, fundraising, and governance. I did some organizational work with a variety of DMF-supported organizations until I took an opportunity to be the CEO of the Anne Carlsen Center. I was fortunate enough to attract Pat to my Board and I served in some committee roles on DMF until joining the DMF Board. 

What part of DMF’s vision/mission resonates the most with you?
The passion and boldness to be a catalyst to create and innovate in the search for solutions through the burning desire that the region’s service organizations possess. DMF supports the brilliant delivery by the boards and management teams by developing the funding, tools, and education necessary to achieve the impact so needed. 

What does the healthiest, most generous region in the world look like to you?
A passionate force of people and organizations that advocate, design and build what is needed for optimal well-being of the people and institutions in the region. A high degree of collaboration among implementers, funders, governments with the aim of meeting needs, creating innovative solutions for the benefit of people and their ability to pursue lives of purpose and positive impact. 

Who is your role model and why?
My father and mother taught me many things but the most important was to respect the value and significance of others and how to get along. They were terrifically insightful and I have always been grateful that they loved me enough to take the time to teach me, even when that was a difficult proposition. The shortcomings I have as a person are my responsibility and not about what they taught me. 

How would you advise people to dream more boldly in their day-to-day lives?
Please remember that you are a unique being and have so much to contribute to the world around you. You are capable of making that difference in the lives of others and the world we live in. So much more than you give yourself credit for. I think that the first step to boldly having an impact is the realization that you, as an individual, possess all the needed ingredients to be a difference maker and can live the purposeful life everyone desires. 


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