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Lend A Hand Up Kids receives a $30,000 grant from Cullen's Children's Foundation to help support kids and their families during a medical crisis.

Children and their families who are dealing with health challenges have it a little easier, thanks to the Cullen Children’s Foundation and their generous supporters.The Foundation provides financial resources to organizations that support children’s healthcare needs, with an emphasis on cancer.

In early 2024, Lend A Hand Up For Kids received a $30,000 grant from the Cullen Children’s Foundation to boost financial help for families of area children who are battling health issues and other medical crisis.

Since launching in 2008, Lend A Hand Up has partnered with the Cullen Children’s Foundation and other generous supporters to raise $23M to help more than 700 families, including 119 families with children battling cancer, trauma, and other challenges.

For more information about Lend A Hand Up and the Cullen Children’s Foundation click the buttons below to visit the respective websites.


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