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4-6-3 Foundation
aims to end suicide

This Mental Health Awareness Month, DMF features the 4-6-3 Foundation, a DMF fund working to reduce stigma, build hope, and end suicide.

The 4-6-3 Foundation was founded by Todd and Elizabeth Medd in 2021 following the loss of their 15-year-old son, Liam, to suicide. Here is their story about Liam and their foundation’s mission.

Liam Medd

Liam Medd (pictured left) was an athlete, a boy scout, a great student, a kind friend, and a leader.

The 4-6-3 Foundation, named for Liam’s love of baseball, has done a number of impactful things in its short history, including hosting the annual Liam G. Medd Memorial Baseball Tournament, appearing in the Fargo Police Department’s short film on suicide prevention, “Break the Silence,” and hosting a mental health film festival earlier this month.

With memorials for Liam, who also loved football, the Medds also helped pay for the new artificial turf at the Fargo Davies High School football field and assisted the local Boy Scout organization.

Elizabeth & Todd Medd

Above: Liam Medd’s parents, Elizabeth and Todd, at the inaugural “Shine the Light: The Midwest Mental Health Film Festival,” which was held at the Fargo Theatre earlier this month. The festival saw 10 submissions from North Dakota State University, Minnesota State University Moorhead, Fargo South High School, and Davies High School students.

One of the things the Medds have tried to impress upon people is just how few warning signs there were before Liam’s death. “Of all the things we worried about for Liam,” says his mom, Elizabeth, “declining mental health and suicide weren’t even on the radar.”

“If it can happen to Liam, it can happen to anyone,” adds his dad, Todd. “There were no red flags.”

With suicide now the leading cause of death for young people ages 10-24 in North Dakota and the second-leading cause of death nationwide, 4-6-3’s work is more important than ever.

If you’re interested in learning more about the 4-6-3 Foundation and supporting its mission through a financial gift or by signing up for one of the many volunteer opportunities listed, please click the button below.

In addition, we invite you to watch “Break the Silence,” a short film by the Fargo Police Department about suicide prevention.

If you or someone you know needs help, click the respective button below to visit the 4-6-3 Foundation Resources page.


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