The Work

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.”

Albert Einstein

Dakota Medical Foundation

Dakota Medical Foundation strives to create a region of the healthiest people possible. Through its supporting initiatives and programs, the foundation promotes holistic health improvements, leads innovative movements, and fosters charitable giving. Read on to learn about these programs. 

Kids Mental Health

Recognizing the interconnected facets of addiction, suicide, and child sexual abuse, the Kids Mental Health initiative addresses these issues with readily applicable resources.

Giving for Impact

The Giving for Impact Initiative allows donors to create charitable causes and funds while lessening the clerical demands that typically come with it.



Giving Hearts Day

Serving over 500 area charities, Giving Hearts Day is the nation's longest-running giving day. More than $112 million has been raised for local causes since the event's 2008 founding.

High Impact Institute

The High Impact Institute builds the fundraising capacity of charities through training and resources. Being able to fund causes beyond grant dollars allows charities to create even greater impact.

Lend A Hand Up

Providing a platform for neighbors to help neighbors in medical crisis, Lend A Hand Up hosts benefits and auctions for struggling families. The program assists at no cost and offers a 20% financial boost.
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