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$500,000 Idea Challenge

2014 Breakthrough Idea Challenge Awards  (document)
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Breakthrough Idea Challenge
up to $500,000 to be awarded in 2015

Crack through the status quo, the limitations of current thinking, the lines and boxes of the past. Dakota Medical Foundation seeks bold new health and wellness ideas to create a region of the healthiest people in the nation, where all people are able to access exceptional healthcare and lead vibrantly healthy lives.

DMF has committed up to $500,000 for multiple awards in 2014, up to $100,000 for development of a single idea. We're seeking ambitious, creative new ideas to significantly improve the health of people in our region - or remove persistent hurdles that impact health and well-being.

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It takes just one person to hatch a great idea! Once it sees the light of day, DMF is ready to fund development of the best ideas, with resources available from our strong network of effective and expert community partners.

Be a voice for the future. Get courageously creative.

Inviting ideas in these focus areas:
1. Great ways to bring and keep well-trained physicians and nurses in rural areas.
2. Fitness, nutrition and healthy weight innovations.
3. Ways to vastly improve the impact of organizations producing healthy results for people of our region.

Simple ideas as well as complex well-researched concepts are welcome!

2014 Breakthrough Idea Flyer  (document)
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Breakthrough Idea Challenge Award Guidelines and Submission Form

So that ideas can take shape and deliver strong results, funding will ultimately be directed to an organization able to advance the health innovation through research, idea development, business plan development, pilot or demonstration projects - thus providing leadership toward implementation in the DMF service area. Award recipient can choose to join in the idea advancement process, or allow DMF and others to more fully develop and implement the concept.

Persons or groups submitting award-winning ideas will receive recognition through publicity and publication in all DMF communications including its newsletter, website and recognition at its annual meeting.

Awards will be determined by the DMF Strategic Platforms Committee, a community-based advisory group. As needed, DMF will provide technical assistance for advancement of the idea through our experienced project managers or through other organizations, consultants, universities or agencies.

Check back in May 2015 for more information and to submit your idea for the 2016 Breakthrough Idea Challenge.

Questions? Contact Keely Ihry, Strategic Initiatives Lead, at 701-356-2668 or keelyihry@dakmed.org.